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Opinion Polls of Popular World Personalities |

Not all influential people are world leaders who affect the world. Which popular world personalities do you like and dislike? Whether for or against; we want your opinion poll.

Poll your opinion on popular world personalities that you like and dislike, from past to present. Poll your opinion on any popular world personalities, and then share your opinion.

Jimmy Carter
Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev
Richard M. Nixon
Gamal Abdul Nassir
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harry S. Truman
Desmond Tutu
Gordon Brown
Prince Charles
Prince Harry
Prince William
Cherie Blair
Duchess Camilla
Karl Marx
Mahathir Mohamed
Prince Andrew
Agha Khan
Mohammad Ali
Vaclav Klaus
Golda Meir
Carolyn Murphy
Sophia Loren
Catherine Deneuve
Steven Spielberg
Michael Moore
Cindy Crawford
Steffi Graf
Omar Sharif
Che Guevara
Boris Yeltsin
King Hussein of Jordan
Queen Rania
Prince Hassan
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Gisele Bundchen
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