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Opinion Polls of Popular World Personalities |

Not all influential people are world leaders who affect the world. Which popular world personalities do you like and dislike? Whether for or against; we want your opinion poll.

Poll your opinion on popular world personalities that you like and dislike, from past to present. Poll your opinion on any popular world personalities, and then share your opinion.

Alexander The Great
Muammar Al-Qadhafi
Saddam Hussein
George W. Bush
Hassan Nasrallah
Hafez Alassad
Hillary Clinton
Francois Mitterand
Jacque Chirac
Margaret Thatcher
Adolf Hitler
Mao Tse Tung
General Franco
Augusto Pinochet
Hosni Mubarak
Donald Trump
Silvio Berlusconi
Colin L. Powell
Mother Teresa
Michelle Obama
Michelle Bachelet
Segolene Royal
Nelson Mandela
Kofi Anan
Ronald W. Reagan
Donald H. Rumsfeld
Yasser Arafat
Yitzhak Rabin
Condoleezza Rice
Tony Blair
Carla Bruni
Sarah Palin
Albert Einstein
Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva
Bill Clinton
Ehud Olmert
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