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Drilling for oil in Alaska
Ex President Bush and many Republicans in Congress and Alaska lawmakers from both parties were pushing for legislation that would open the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife refuge to development.
USA talk to IRAN
Presidential elect Barack Obama said he would favor holding direct talks with Iran.
Baby Seals killed
for their fur
The Canadian seal hunt is the largest killing of marine mammals on earth. More than one million baby seals have been killed for their fur during the last four years.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton became the U.S. Secretary of State.
USA to close
Guantanamo Bay
Stop the Pollution
The earth is dying, please go GREEN.
Stalin as Third Greatest
Russian ever
Television viewers have voted Soviet dictator Josef Stalin Russia's third-greatest historical figure. Alexander Nevsky had been voted the greatest Russian, with more than 524,000 internet and SMS votes. Stalin garnered more than 519,000 votes, and even led in early voting.
Bring Extinct Mammals
Back to life
The woolly mammoth could be brought back to life eleven thousand years after becoming extinct, in a Jurassic Park like breakthrough. Scientists from the US and Russia have pieced together 80% of the species' genome, using DNA samples of hair preserved from two mammoths mummified from the ice age.
Oil Rich Countries give
money to Africa
The United Nations has asked oil-rich countries around the world to help poor nations with their development. It says 34 of the world's 50 poorest nations are in Africa.
Friends to come back
Would you like if friends season 11 comes back on TV.
Shakira gets a STAR on
the Hollywood walk
Colombian singer Shakira will have her own star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Shakira's star will be added to the sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Hollywood. The chamber of commerce hasn't yet scheduled the date for Shakira to be added.
Dubai to create air
conditioned beach
The Palazzo Versace, a luxury hotel in Dubai set to open in 2010, is about to create the first climate controlled beach for the rich and famous.
Whale Hunting
Japan has continued with what it calls a scientific whaling programme, mostly involving Minke whales, which it says is not aimed at exploiting whales for their meat, although the flesh is mostly sold for consumption. Norway and Iceland also hunt Minke.
Opinions about Arranged Marriages
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